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12vs12 Club ranking

The season among the clubs is over.

Men’s 12v12:

1st place: Bern, Russia & Belarus. The Strongest and the Largest club in the World. They didn’t lose any tournament this season.

2-nd place: KonGo, Russia. The Severest Ural club, always ready to fight, always ready no knockdown.

3-rd place: NSK, Russia. If WoL had to travel to the EU to take their place in the 5vs5 ranking, NSK had to make even more travelling to central Russia from their home town – Novosibirsk. Siberian force, that’s all about them.

4th place: White Company. The club, which never lost a fight in 12v12. The club, which never fought as 12 in the 12v12 category.

5th place: Hansa, Russia & Kazakhstan. Another Ural club, which is ready to go to any tournament, always ready to fight, club that fears nothing!

6th place: Bayard, Russia. Strong, powerful, competitive. They won the first Buhurt Prime, do you expect anything less than fighting for the gold?

7th place: HMB Academy Spb, Russia. They show us that learning from the best brings its benefit.

8th place: Primus. The second British club. Their progress is visible and very soon White Company will have some problems even on home tournaments!

9th Place: Russian Order. Club has not so many fighters, but most of them are strong enough to fight on the top level. Nice reinforcement for any club which is not able to make their solid team!

10-th place: Western Tower. The most “”European” Russian club that is known to everyone. We think that our Polish friends are missing them. Last time their union with Bayard has shown the great entertainment for all of us!


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