Help from the team MFC Vysočina

We used to complain about the weather conditions at the tournaments. Too hot, too wet, too cold. But sometimes extraordinary happens and it can be problem. Problem, which is more important than tournaments.
On 24th June there was a tornado in the southern part of Czech Republic which has almost demolished two villages.
MFC Vysočina could not walk past the trouble at their home region and decided to help there instead of fighting in Tournament of Visegrad.
Pepa Josif Pohl, captain of Vysočina said following:
The Visegrád Tournament should be the first tournament for MFC Vysočina after almost a year of pause caused by covid19. We trained, we prepared our armour and weapons, we got some new guys and we looked forward to meet our friends and finally stand on the list.
But something unusual for our country happened on June 24th. A strong tornado of EF4 degree hit the southeast part of our country. A lot of ppl were injured, there were some casualties. Four villages and one town were hit. A lot of ppl lost their homes, a lot of houses were destroyed or damaged. We didn´t believe, that something like that could happen here, in the Czech Republic.
There were strong waves of volunteers helping in the first days after that. Of course, our army, police, firefighters and so on, were strongly helping there.
But after cleaning the mess and ruins, there was another chapter for locals. Save their damaged homes and rebuild them. But it is not army or firefighters work. A lot of volunteers was exhausted and needed some rest.
So we decided to go there and help. Unfortunately, the first „free“ weekend for the majority of our fighters was the tournament weekend, so we decided to cancel our participation.
We arrived at village Mikulcice, famous for its wine cellars, vineyards and warmhearted people. It is hard to say, what we saw…. I repeat, a tornado is not common in our country, so we were really shocked.
We were assigned to the party of carpenters to help them with the roof of one house. There was a nice apartment under the roof before the catastrophe. We saw only part of the kitchen and bathroom. Everything else was lost.
Some work was done before and we had to help with a new roof. Heavy beams had to pull on the roof with no mechanization, carpenters were connecting them and the new roof started to rise. After two days of really hard work on the top of three-floor, we saw the results of our work. The new roof was there, covered by a special layer of foil and prepared for the final layer of roofing. Even if there would be some rain, the house would be safe and dry.
It was a really hard experience for our fighters. We are not contruction workers, we are not used to doing such hard and dangerous work. But we were really happy, that we could help.
I hope, we would see that family from that house in better times and we would enjoy some good time in their vine cellar.
From the Buhurt League we would like to wish all the best to the victims of bad weather. And it’s clear that sometimes there are more important things than tournaments.