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Alexander Nevsky Cup


1-st place: Bern. Club: Клуб Берн (HC Bern)
2-nd place: Northwestern Federal District. Clubs: Bern, Клуб Западная Башня, Nuremberg, Russian Order, Smolensk Regiment, Tverd, Teutonic Order, HMB Academy Saint Petersburg.
3-rd place: Central Federal District, Clubs: Bayard Team, Bern, Russian Order, HMB Academy Moscow.
4-th place: Volga Federal District. Clubs: Bern, Bayard, Hansa, Iron Century, Noldor, Ultima Ratio
5-th place: Southern Federal District, Clubs: Bern, Wolf Squad, KKS, Peresvet, HMB Academy Krasnodar.
6-th place Ural Federal District, Clubs: KonGo, Maltese Cross, Steel Path, HMB Academy, Siumitar

Points are given according to place of the team, number of fighters. Maximum 30 fighters per club per tournament.

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