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Award Ceremony

Award Ceremony of the Buhurt League season 2019 was held 14 February in Monaco just before Buhurt Prime.
For the tournaments prizes went to:
The Best Buhurt Challenger: Old Fortress Challenger, Ukraine
The Best Buhurt Open: 3rd International Tournament Biel, Switzerland
The Best Buhurt Masters: Dynamo Cup, Russia
For teams:
Newbie of the year: Warriors of Light
Progress of the year: Western Tower
The highest win rate team: Bear Paw and Partizan
Fair play: White Company
Personal awards:
The best fighter Buhurt League season 19: Sergey Kuristyn, Bear Paw.
The best marshal Buhurt League season 19: Sergey Bogonenko, Russia
Letter of thanks to the head of Marshal committee Sergey Myasichev
Letter of thanks to the head of Tournament Committee Ivan Koryagin
For Federations:
The Best work with Media: Fédération Française de Béhourd and their head Edouard Eme, France
Сontribution to development HMBIA in the country: Grimaldi Milites, Monaco

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