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Awards for the 2020 year

Awards for the 2020 year are waiting for the owners!
Top 10 of the Buhurt League 5×5:
1 – Lions of Steel
2 – KS Rycerz
3 – Legenda Północy
4 – Partizan
5 – Prague Trolls
6 – Bear Cubs
7 – Syabry
8 – Yenisei
9 – Bear Paw
10 – Team Half-ton
Female ranking (we had just 1 tournament in 2020)
1 place in Buhurt League 2020. Female: Iskra
2 place in Buhurt League 2020. Female: Bern


The best Buhurt Challenger: Parma Challenge, Perm, Russia.
Сontribution to development Buhurt League 2020: HMB Russia.
Buhurt League Fair Play 2020: Prague Trolls, Czech Republic.
Progress of the year 2020. Buhurt League: Lions of Steel, the Netherlands.
Lions of Steel


The best work with media HMBIA 2020:Liga Brasileira de Combate Medieval, Brasil.

Сontribution to development HMBIA 2020: Gavin Stewart.
The highest winrate Buhurt League 2020: Partizan and Bear Paw, Prague Trolls.
Audience award Buhurt League 2020: Lukáš Jeřábek.

Lukas Jerabek
Lukas Jerabek

The winners will receive memorable prizes and diplomas.
Unfortunately, we are not able to make an award ceremony as the previous year. They will be sent to the winners in a short time!

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