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Buhurt League announcement

12×12 – how it’s going to be this year
As long as this year is uncommon due to COVID situation, in order to support new category 12×12 we decided to go this way.
Any tournament may request to add 12×12 category into Buhurt League. The first request has been applied by fighters of the tournament Alexander Nevski Cup and it has been approved.
Alexander Nevski Cup, 5 September 2020, Saint-Petersburg – the first 12×12 Buhurt League tournament.
Teams register at the tournament, each fighter must specify his club to earn points.
Each club must send logo of the club not later than 3 days after the tournament to

Alexander Titov.

otherwise such club is determined as “not registered” and does not get points.

We are waiting for good conditions next year. Our current plan is to make the final 12×12 tournament at the end of next season. You know that we are able to make large and good tournaments.


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