Buhurt Prime 2022, Serbia


We are thrilled to announce The International Buhurt Prime 2022 Tournament will be held on February 26th in Belgrade, Serbia, and the epic battle for the title of HMB Champions will fittingly unfold inside the country’s largest convention and exhibition centre — Beogradski Sajam!

80 strongest HMB athletes of the world from the teams representing the Czech Republic, Monaco, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, United Kingdom and the USA will meet at the Buhurt Prime arena to challenge the best!

Group A
Bear Paw – Клуб Берн (HC Bern)
Cerberus Emissus – Portland Steel Fighting Group – Buhurt Portland
KS Rycerz
Prague Trolls – SKSKB PRAHA
Warriors of Light MFT

Group B
Grimaldi Milites
Legenda Północy
Lions of Steel Medieval Figh
Partizan – Клуб Берн (HC Bern)
White Company

Don’t forget to join our live stream on February 26th!