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Comrade in Arms, China, 19 December 2020

Tournament results
Comrade in Arms, China, 19 December
1-st place: Half-Ton, China
2-nd place: Wolf Solders, China
3-rd place: Red Star, China
Image may contain: text that says "BUHURT Place TOURNAMENT STATISTICS Comrade in Arms, Buhurt Challenger, China, 19 December 2020 Team Points HALF-TON Sw Fights Cfw 24,2 32 Conference WOLF SOLDERS MB INTERNATIONALASSOCIATION 5 80% APAC 23,2 RED STAR 32 5 80% APAC 21,4 24 HALF-TON2 5 5 80% 8 APAC Yı CHAN 10 5 40% 3 APAC 7 5 YIN-YANG HoTpoT 20% Sw- score.of won 4 APAC Cfw 4 5 fights; 0% APAC 火热招商"
Most Valuable Fighter: Zhang Yicheng, team: Half-Ton, China
Image may contain: 1 person, text that says "MOST Buhurt League VALUABLE FIGHTER at Comrade Arms ZHANG YICHENG Half-Ton team Half BUHURT"
Symbolic team:
Zhang Yicheng, team: Half-Ton
Xiong Dixin, team: Wolf Solders
Li Zijian, team: Red Star
Hu Yilei, team: Red Star
Zou Yi, team: Yi Chan
Image may contain: 5 people, text
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