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Conferences. Tutorial part 4

Hello everyone! You are on the Buhurt League channel and today we will talk about Buhurt League Conferences. What is it, which countries are in which Conferences and how the Team rating is counted within each of the Conferences?
We have already explained that number of tournaments and level of fighters in different parts of the world are different. To ensure that Teams have more or less equal possibilities to compete in Buhurt League we have decided to divide the world into several regions, that are called Conferences.
We have 5 (five) Conferences in total. Eastern Europe, Western Europe, North America, South America, and the Asian-Pacific region.
Eastern Europe Conference comprises such countries as Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and also Estonia and Finland.
Western Europe Conference comprises EU countries and countries of the Balkan Peninsula.
Conferences of North America, South America, and the Asian-Pacific region comprise the countries that are geographically located in these regions accordingly.
During the registration of the new BL Team, you have to select its home Conference. Home Conference of the Team is defined by the place of residence of the majority of its fighters. Be aware that citizenship of the fighters is not so important, what is important is the place of permanent residence in the country of certain Conferences.
Buhurt League Secretariat can ask for additional proof that certain fighter permanently resides in a certain country.
There is a separate rating for the Teams within each of the Conferences, to allow these teams to compete with each other. In addition, if there is a Masters tournament in certain Conference and the Team takes the highest place on such tournament among other Teams from this Conference, then such Team get the invitation to the final tournament of BL Season – Buhurt Prime.
For the Teams that have a possibility to visit and participate in international tournaments outside its home Conference, there are special BL bonuses in a form of additional BL rating points.
So, if you have any questions left about the Conferences, countries, and participation in international tournaments, do not hesitate and leave them in the comments below and we will do our best to answer them.
Meanwhile, open the BL tournament calendar, prepare your armor and participate! Good luck on the list!

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