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Female 5vs5 Final

1-st place: Bern, Russia. 3 tournaments, 1 lost fight at the Rekon.

2-nd place: Bayard (f), Russia. ex. Iskra. The team made a small rebranding before Rekon and it made its result! The first tournament, the first victory!

3-rd place: Swords of Cygnus. Two tournaments in the end of the season with a great performance!

4-th place: HMB School Spb, Russia. Another “school team”. The first tournament with 3rd place. That’s what learning from the best means!

5-th place: Prague Vixens. Czech girls have shown us that if you want to fight, you must be ready for travelling.

6-th place: Dies Irae. New alliance of the strongest French Female Fighters.

7-th place: Newbery Harpies. We had just one tournament in South America. They won it with avegare score of the round 4!

8-th place: NSK Women, RUssia. Even for fighting inside their own country they have to travel a lot. But they did!

9-th place: Dragonas, Argentina. Second place at Argentinian tournament. They won their fights with almost total dominance.

10-th place: Katyusha, Russia. After leaving their Bern and Bayard teammates to their club teams, the team met some difficulties. We hope they will break through them and smash!

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