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How to create a team. Tutorial part 2

Hello! You are already familiar with Buhurt League and now you have decided to test your abilities and participate in this international championship. Today we will tell you what is needed to do it.
So, to participate in the international championship for teams, you will definitely need to gather a team. BL Team can consist of minimum 5 to maximum 17 fighters. It must be either males or females, as we do not have any kind of gender mixed teams in Buhurt League.
When your team is gathered you need to select your Captain. The Team Captain is a very important official position. The communication with the tournament organizers and with BL management is done through Team Captain, so took the process of Captain’s selection seriously.
Apart from the people for your team and Captain, you will need to choose the Name for your team, Coat of Arms and design of surcoat for your Team. Keep in mind that all names and pictures are checked so avoid using any insults, propaganda of unhealthy lifestyle and all forms of discrimination.
So, you have people, Captain, Coat of Arms, name of the Team and surcoat design. Congratulations – your Team is now ready for registration in Buhurt league.
Your captain goes to the official BL website and clicks on the big ling – Register new Team. We want to make a separate video with the detailed process of the Team registration, so let us know in the comments below if you think that this video is needed asap.
Today we told you about what is needed to start competing in Buhurt League and start getting BL rating points.
That is all for today. Good luck on the list!

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