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Meet the Buhurt League. Tutorial part 1

Today we will talk about Buhurt League, the International Historical Medieval Battle Championship in Group Category 5×5. We will explain how it is organized and how it works.
BL Championship unites a big number of HMB Tournaments all around the world. Teams, that are registered in BL, compete on such tournaments and get BL rating points, thereby competing in Global BL Rating System.
Since the number of HMB Tournaments and level of fighters in different regions of the World differs, BL took a decision to divide the World into several regions. So far we have five – Eastern Europe, Western Europe, North America, South America and Asian-Pacific.
At the end of the Season, Teams with the biggest number of Rating Points get the invitation to the main tournament of BL Season – Buhurt Prime.
Also, at the very end of the BL Season the Team with the biggest number of BL Rating points is awarded with title of BL Season Champion and the BL Challenge Cup.
Today we told you about the Buhurt League and its main Tournament Buhurt Prime – the final tournament of the BL Season.
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That is all for today. Good luck on the list!

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