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February Monthly Report

Buhurt League Strikes Back!
We had two big tournaments in February!
Carolina Carnage – HMB USA Nationals, 6 February 2021, Pendleton, South Carolina, USA
Men’s 5v5:
1st place: Dallas Warlords
2nd place: Cerberus Emissus
3rd place: Ordo Draconis
MVF: Jeffrey Souter, team: PK Peacocks
Men’s 12v12:
1-st place: Basically Monsters, USA.
2-nd place: Warlords, USA
3-rd place: Golden Horde, USA
MVF: Colin Martineau, team: Basically Monsters, club: Ordo Draconis
Steel Bear: Bern Cup, 22-23 February 2021, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia
Men’s 5v5:
1-st place: Partizan, Russia
2-nd place: Bear Paw, Russia
3-rd place: Old Friends, Russia
Most Valuable Fighter: Ivan Varenikov, team: Old Friends, Russia
Women’s 5v5
1st place: Bern
2nd place: Iskra
3rd place: NSK
Most Valuable Fighter: Valentina Lekomtseva, team: Bern, Russia
Men’s 12v12
1-st place: Bern, club: Bern
2-nd place: North-Western Federal District, clubs: Bern, Russian Order, NRB, HMB School Spb, Peresvet (1 fighter), Wolf Squad (1 fighter)
3-rd place: Russian Regions team, clubs: Tverd, Kongo, NSK, Bern, Russian Land
Most Valuable Fighter: Vitalii Gryzlov, team: Bern, club: Bern
Videos from the tournaments are available on our YouTube and Facebook pages.
Updated ranking Men’s 5v5:
1-st place: Partizan
2-nd place: Lions of Steel
3-rd place: KS Rycerz
4-th place: Legenda Północy
5-th place: Bear Paw
6-th place: Bear Cubs
7-th place: Old Friends
8-th place: Prague Trolls
9-th place: Syabry
10-th place: Yenisei
Updated ranking Men’s 12v12 Clubs:
1-st place: Bern, Russia
2-nd place: HMB Academy Spb, Russia
3-rd place: Bayard, Russia
4-th place: Nuremberg, Russia
5-th place: Russian Order, Russia
6-th place: HMB Academy Msk, Russia
7-th place: NSK, Russia
8-th place: Ordo Draconis, USA
9-th place: Cerberus Emissus, USA
10-th place: HMB Academy Rzn, Russia
We hope that with spreading of vaccination we will have more tournaments in close future! Stay with us!


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