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Buhurt League Regulations update
1) If a certain team ended up the Buhurt League Season with a NEGATIVE AMOUNT of Rating Points due to the applied sanctions and penalties, such negative amount of Rating Points of a certain team may be transferred to the next Buhurt Legue Season by the decision of the Buhurt League Secretary. Therefore, such team will start the new Season with the same negative amount of Buhurt League Rating Points that it ended up with in previous Season.
2) Fighter can be added to a team only during transfer windows. Even if he is a new fighter and was never registered in the Buhurt League.
3) If a Team combat list for a certain Buhurt League Tournament includes fighters that are not registered in such Team then the penalty for such Team is applied in a form of deduction of 10 (ten) Buhurt League Rating Points. (Points for fights are still not given)
4) For the Buhurt Challenger, Buhurt Open and Buhurt Masters tournaments the backup Teams (second set of fighters registered for the same Team in the Buhurt League system), if they are participating in the tournament along with their main Team, are counted as separate Teams registered in Buhurt League in case of fulfilment of the team roster (all fighters of the Team 2 are registered in Buhurt League as fighters of “Team”).
5) If a team (fighters) is banned by HMBIA, such team (fighters) are not allowed to participate in any Buhurt League tournament.
6) Backup team of the Registered Buhurt League team has higher priority than non-registered team, but lower than regular Buhurt League team
Full text of the Regulations is available on our website.

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