Grimaldi Milites

Grimaldi Milites

Grimaldi Milites
From: Monaco, Monaco
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Conference: Western Europe
ID: 2014

Tournament Team From Status
Tournament Colombier 2021 Grimaldi Milites Monaco, Monaco Open
Torneo Delle Alpi Grimaldi Milites Monaco, Monaco Masters
Laon au behourd Grimaldi Milites Monaco, Monaco Challenger

Inspired by Charles Grimaldi, Lord of Monaco (14th Century), the club Grimaldi Milites has been created in October 2017 by the current Captain, Pierre Casiraghi.

The fighters proudly display on their shields the coat of arms of Monaco, fusily argent and gules.

Affiliated to the French Buhurt Federation, the team takes part in the yearly French Championship.

The club is in full development and has a strict recruitment and training process. The Monegasque fighters keep training hard to pursue the ambitious goal among the best teams of Europe.

They represented the Principality at the 2019 World Championship Battle of the Nations, in Serbia.

Tournament Results
Tournament Fw Fl Fights Rw Rd Rl Sw Sl Points CFW,%
Tournament Colombier 2021 8 1 9 17 0 2 78 7 94.8 88.89
Torneo Delle Alpi 4 2 6 8 0 4 29 12 63 66.67
Laon au behourd 6 2 8 12 1 5 49 32 28 75
Tournament Results
Tournament Points
Tournament Colombier 2021 94.8
Torneo Delle Alpi 63
Laon au behourd 28