Iron Lions Walkuren

Iron Lions Walkuren

Iron Lions Walkuren
From: Fairfax, USA
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Conference: North America
ID: 49

Tournament Status
Carolina Carnage 2023 Open

Established October 2020 in the suburbs of Washington DC, Iron Lions United is the primary club in the DC Metropolitan Area, and the strongest club in the Mid-Atlantic Region of the United States. The Iron Lions femme division, Walkuren, officially formed in May 2022 with the Lionesses coming together to train and fight under the Iron Lions-Walkuren banner.

A region of 60 million people with a geographic area greater than many European countries, the Mid-Atlantic has long been a sleeping giant in North American Buhurt.

President: Stephen Besinaiz
Vice President: OPEN
Director of Operations: Amber Wright
Chief Financial Officer: Kevin Leclerc


Kevin Leclerc: Caronlina Carnage 2022, Outrance, 1st Place

2021 Mid-Atlantic Chapter Wars: Undefeated Champions, total combined score 183 rounds won, 23 rounds lost. (Combined Duels, 5v5, and 3v3)

2021 Hussarian Cup, Champions, score 17-6.

2021 Awards:
Ironman Award (Fought at most events) Sean Kennicott
Most Valuable Support Member: Andrew Ferrio
Most Valuable Fighter: Brad “Spiderpig” Lewis
Most Valuable Person: Amber Parker

Stephen Besinaiz: Carolina Carnage 2020, Sword and Shield, 2nd Place

Sean Levey: 2020 Rookie Rumble: Champion

Damian Bruno: Mid Atlantic Longsword 2019, 2nd Place