Old Friends

Old Friends

Old Friends
From: Saint-Petersburg, Russia
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Conference: Eastern Europe
ID: 2031

Tournament Team From Status
Rekon Old Friends Saint-Petersburg, Russia Challenger
Steel Bear: Bern Cup Old Friends Saint-Petersburg, Russia Challenger
Vyzov 2020 Old Friends Saint-Petersburg, Russia Challenger
Moscow Challenger Old Friends Saint-Petersburg, Russia Challenger
Rekon Open Old Friends Saint-Petersburg, Russia Open

Among the fighters of the team there are active members of National HMB Team of Russia and champions of the World Historical Medieval Battle Championship “Battle of the Nations 2018” – Alexey Nayderov, Ivan Stepanov, Anatoliy Pankov and Konstantin Vedyashkin.
In 2018 the line up of Old Friends was reinforced by renowned light-weight fighter and 3-times champion of the “Battle of the Nations” in 21×21 Mass Buhurt Category – Maxim Yun, who has returned to the sport after forced break. Although the line up of the team has recently changed, the Old Friends haven’t lost their battle spirit and ready to show outstanding results.
Current training base for Old Friends is “High School of HMB” in Saint-Petersburg – one of the specialized Russian training centers for HMB sport, where the the future fighters are trained for Historical Medieval Battle tournaments and championships of a local and international level.
The secret of Old Friends wins is simple – these warriors of steel are sure that sport victories can be achieved only through hard training. and their wise captain has a strong opinion that only those who actively compete are able to get enough experience to achieve significant results and sport successes.
As the true members of renowned Russian HMB club “Bern”, fighters of the Old Friends know that only the competitions show exactly how tough you are as a fighter and therefore has no fear in showing up on the sand of the arena, accompanied by roar of the crowd, to fight worthy opponents. Cause only the worthy opponent gives a chance to the true warrior to become stronger than before!

Tournament Results
Tournament Fw Fl Fights Rw Rd Rl Sw Sl Points CFW,%
Rekon 6 1 7 12 0 2 45 5 30.0 85.71
Steel Bear: Bern Cup 7 0 7 14 0 1 49 3 37.9 100
Vyzov 2020 3 1 4 6 2 1 29 3 18.9 75
Moscow Challenger 3 0 3 6 1 0 21 0 16.1 100
Rekon Open 2 0 2 4 0 0 20 20 24 100
Tournament Results
Tournament Points
Rekon 30.0
Steel Bear: Bern Cup 37.9
Vyzov 2020 18.9
Moscow Challenger 16.1
Rekon Open 24