Taurus UA

Taurus UA

Taurus UA
From: Kyiv, Ukraine
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Conference: Eastern Europe
ID: 2050

Tournament Team From Status
Old Fortress Taurus UA Kyiv, Ukraine Challenger
The Powder Tower Taurus UA Kyiv, Ukraine Challenger
Tournament Status
Old Fortress Challenger
The Powder Tower Challenger

Club Taurus is a young club founded in 2018, after the merger of several large clubs-DZH, Keshikten, Rarog and is represented in 6 cities of Ukraine. Despite the fact that the age of the club is “children’s”, the fighters of the main five have a lot of experience behind them – all represented Ukraine in 5×5 squads, were prize-winners of the Battle of the Nations and even World Champions in 2017 in the 21×21 category.
The path of the Taurus UA team in this season of the Buhurt League was not easy and began at the Prague Falchion tournament with a second place and a serious injury to one of the main fighters. During the year, we attended 9 tournaments – 6 abroad and 3 in Ukraine, which turned out to be not so easy – before, most of the athletes of our team attended only the Battle of the Nations as a foreign tournament. In general, this experience has become very valuable for our team, now all the forces are thrown into preparing for the Prime, we hope for a decent performance at the coolest club championship in the world!

Tournament Results
Tournament Fw Fl Fights Rw Rd Rl Sw Sl Points CFW,%
Old Fortress 2 2 4 5 0 4 19 11 12.0 50.00
The Powder Tower 2 3 5 5 1 7 18 26 10.0 40
Tournament Results
Tournament Points
Old Fortress 12.0
The Powder Tower 10.0