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The Powder Tower

The Powder Tower, Buhurt Challenger, 12-13 June 2021, Odessa, Ukraine

1st place: Warriors of Light MFT, Ukraine
2nd place: Grumpy Bears, Ukraine
3rd place: MFC Knyaz, Ukraine

Most Valuable Fighter: Ilias Vyshutin, team: MFC Knyaz, Ukraine

Symbolic team:
Ilias Vyshutin, team: MFC Knyaz
Ilia Dragan, team: Warriors of Light
Andrew Maslak, team: Warriors of Light
Alexander Malyshko, team: Warriors of Light
Andrii Davydov, team: Taurus UA

Team Knyaz got a penalty of 10 points due to a violation of roster rule.

12 vs 12
1st place: Ayna Bera/Putivl, Ukraine
2nd place: Knyaz/Taurus, Ukraine
3rd place: Warriors of Light, Ukraine
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