Tournament of Visegrad, Buhurt Open, Hungary
1-st place: Prague Trolls, Czech Republic SKSKB PRAHA
2-nd place: Warriors of Light MFT, Ukraine
3-rd place: Prague Trolls 2, Czech Republic
Most Valuable Fighter: Jakub Drax , team: Prague Trolls, Czech Republic
Symbolic team:
Jakub Draxler, team Prague Trolls
Matouš Petřík , team: Prague Trolls
Václav Sokol, team: Prague Trolls
Grigorii Chaploutskyi Jin Ke, team: Warriors of Light
Michal Hára, team: Prague Trolls 2
MFC Slezko got a penalty due to late withdrawal from a tournament.
+3/+6 means additional points for participation in a tournament out of home country/conference.