Tournament results “Tournoi De Béhourd De Parthenay”

Tournoi De Béhourd De Parthenay, Buhurt Challenger
Men’s 5vs5, France, 7 August 2021
1st place: Les Comtois, France
2nd place: Martel, France
Teams Martel, Tallae Fer and Martel Du Guesclin received penalty for usage mercenaries according to 4.5.2 Buhurt League Regulations
Team Carcas-sonne received penalty for late withdrawal from the tournament without appropriate reason.
Most Valuable Fighter: Walder Markus, Germany, team: Les Comtois
Symbolic team of the tournament:
Markus Walder, Les Comtois
Benjo Bzl, Les Comtois
Aloïs Lamy, Les Comtois