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Tournaments. Tutorial part 5

Hello everyone! You are on Buhurt League Channel and today we will talk about classes of the Buhurt League tournaments.
We have 5 (five) tournament classes in total – Challenger, Open, Masters, Next, and Prime.
Let’s begin with the first one – Challenger. These are the base level tournaments in Buhurt League. Usually, there are not so many participants on such tournaments and in most cases, they are from the same country. This is a perfect type of tournament to train, to test your abilities if you are new to the BL or to prepare your team spare fighters.
Tournaments of Open class is the advanced level tournaments. There you can expect Teams from different countries, a good level of marshaling and decent level of media coverage. If a BL Team takes its participation in the Buhurt League rating seriously, then participation in Open Tournaments is a must.
Masters Tournaments. These are the tournaments of the highest level, where you can expect the strongest Teams from all over the world, a very good level of marshaling and excellent media coverage. Each Masters tournament is a remarkable event definitely worth visiting. So if you have the possibility to visit a Masters tournament you should use it for sure.
Tournament of Challenger, Open, and Masters classes are the open tournaments, it means that any Buhurt League Team can register and participate in such tournaments without any limitations. However, you should keep in mind that the total number of participants on the tournaments may be limited by the organizers so avoid unnecessary delays.
We have left with two classes to talk about – Next and Prime tournaments. These are the final tournaments of the BL Season and only the strongest teams according to the BL Rating system get the invitations to them. Such tournaments are the benchmark in terms of organization, media coverage, and promotion. The fact of getting the invitation itself for any BL Team is a remarkable achievement – you are already among the strongest. So aim for it and hold to such an opportunity if you got one.
As for our beloved HMB fans and supporters, we are happy to welcome them to the tournaments of any BL classes without any limitations. Come and cheer for your favorite Teams, your support is very important for them.
Today we talked about the classes of the Buhurt League tournaments. As a reminder – Challenger, Open, Masters, Next, and Prime. If you have any questions left about tournament classes and terms of participation in tournaments of certain classes, leave them in the comments below – we will do our best to answer them.
That is all for today. Good luck on the list!!!

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