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Transfer windows. Tutorial part 3

Hello! You are on the Buhurt League channel and today we will talk about the rules of making changes to Team composition and transfer windows.
Your team has been registered in Buhurt League and you are ready to go to your first tournament. Suddenly you realize that one of your fighters is ill.
Question – is it allowed just to take another fighter, go to the tournament and add him to your Team on the site of the tournament. Answer – according to the rules of the BL such thing is NOT ALLOWED. You have to register such a new fighter on website on your team account page, furthermore, you can do it only within certain periods of time that are called – Transfer windows.
There are two types of Transfer windows – the first type is the Seasonal Transfer windows, their dates you can see on the screen now. In such Seasonal Transfer windows, it is allowed to add/change up to 5 (five) fighters in your team.
Apart from the Seasonal Transfer windows, there is a Big Transfer window that is usually announced at the end of the BL Season. Its date you can also see on the screen now. During this period of the Big Transfer window, you can make any changes to your Team composition without limitations.
What is the penalty for violation of these rules? If you come to the tournament and your team has a fighter who is not registered in your Team according to all of the rules of the Buhurt League, your Team will not get any points for the fights on such tournaments and furthermore will be fined – the certain number of BL rating points will be deducted from current Team points.
Follow the rules and be smart about your Team composition. That is all for today. Good luck on the list!

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